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Exceptional craftmanship is not just about making top class artisan products – it is about bringing the right, custom-made product to the right person. Established in the end of 2016, Sunday Island shares the exactly same value. We do not want to imply that we offer the best jewelry in the world. Then again, what does “best” actually mean? That is the question we want to impose.

Regarding a craft, skill or art, pieces of jewelry are chosen by the heart, not the mind, therefore, “best” is probably not the word to be associated with jewelry overall. What we feel especially proud of is the fact that we cover jewelry of utmost quality, with a range of many items suitable for many different and authentic ladies out there. With our headquarters located in Västra Götalands län, in the west bay area of Sweden, our mission is to offer the best of the both worlds – traditional, vintage design and the Scandinavian simplicity and minimalism.

We ensure that all of the products reflect the numerous, unique characters and affinities of our customers. What’s more, it is ultra-special to offer the handcraft, custom-made service today, in the era of automatic services and products, neglecting a personal and unique touch. That means all of our engagement rings and other pieces of intricate jewelry are handmade by the true masters who understand and respect the tricks of the trade. To add up, all requirements of our customer are checked multiple times, so that we could rest assured that our brand lives up to the expectations of truly timeless, feminine and elegant design.

Speaking of our raw materials, we hold the upmost of praise for the vast variety of gemstones we have in offer. They range from dreamy moonstones to the exquisite opal. Having that in mind, Sunday Island has a type of competitive advantage that made its position in the Scandinavian market surge.

Our values are mainly seen in our design and basic service, as we seek to make a fusion of top-notch quality materials on the one hand, and eclectic gemstones forming a junction of timeless and simple design on the other hand. Gemstone-wise, we know and respect the fact that customers nowadays want to know the background of the gem, or engagement ring itself. We proudly emphasize the fact that our stones are conflict-free, meaning they are sourced ethically with the aid of expert gemologists throughout Europe and Asia.

The sweetest part of planning a wedding has never been easier and closer to the true aura and traits of the future wedding ring wearer. With our specialty being engagement and wedding rings, we mastered the expertise of providing brides-to-be with their joyful accessory of a lifetime. Our goal is to create pieces that act like true chameleons, switching from statement mode to the subtle companion state of being.

Last but not least, we respect the woman. In the end, it is not about a ring, wedding band or the precious stone; it is all about the lady having the pleasure to wear it. That is why the appropriate ring or jewelry piece is essential to make her day, every day. Most importantly, that is why the piece has to feel like second skin – her true self, unique to the core.

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