Sunday Island is a Swedish fine jewelry brand which focus on design and making unique handmade jewelry. The owner of Sunday Island is an independent designer who has been studying design for over seven years. She is passionate about her craft and strives for perfection in each and every piece of jewelry.

At Sunday Island, you can find series of exclusive jewelry that are handmade in silver and gold. All of our customers are able to place a fully customized and personalized order for any of our jewelry.

Our goal is to inspire our customers dreams of jewelry and make eternalized and unique pieces that last through time.

Our most common used materials includes Silver, 14-18K Gold, Platinum and excellent cuts of Diamond and a variety of natural gemstones such as tourmaline, spinel, aquamarine, tanzanite, sapphire and so on. All of these materials are very popular for use in engagement rings that are supposed to last a lifetime. Beautiful!

It is our passion to help our customers. Therefore we offer an outstanding support that gets you in contact directly with our staff that are experts in jewelry crafting. They will help you pick out the best material and gemstone, or make a new design out of your idea or preference, without any issues.

Please feel free to contact us by email:

Thank you for supporting independent design and handmade jewelry!