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What makes Emerald jewelry so expensive?

Do not let the heavy greenish hue misguide you – the emerald truly is a cousin of both aquamarine and morganite, despite their gentle, dreamy pastel color. Present for more millennia, it has belonged to many queens and princesses, but also people who have come across it in many witty ways. Reminiscent of lush forests […]

Why the Morganite could be a perfect fit for your wedding ring

Rings are the thing where there is an omnipresent debate about whether someone should stay classic and loyal to tried things, or on the other hand, test new, fresh things. Most of the ladies dreaming about their future engagement ring imagine a big, chunky diamond one, not even thinking about the many alternatives out there. […]

The difference between Australian Opal and Ethiopian Opal

An introduction of Opals Opal is one of the gemstones always thrilling and never failing to amaze the gemstone hunters, so to speak. Why is that so? Well, it is magnificent because of its famous play-of-color, a spectrum of colors originating on a background of a prominent color. The background’s color is created due to […]