Frequently asked questions

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We offer free worldwide shipping.

Every order will be shipped from Sweden with a tracking number to make sure your order arrives safely.

Do you use conflict free diamonds and geunine gemstones for your jewelry?

All of our gemstones and diamonds are genuine unless otherwise stated in the product description.  We source the stones ethically from the most reputable sellers that we can find.

By nature, some gemstones are not eye-clean and may contain minor flaws and internal inclusions, please embrace the slight imperfections that makes each piece unique and beautiful in its own way

How do I find out the correct size for a ring?

We highly recommend you to go to a local jewelry store to have your finger measured, or purchase a standard ring sizer from a reputable retailer. Please do NOT use a paper or string to measure your finger since that may result in inaccuracy.

If you use a different type of measurement that is not US ring size, please refer to this standard international conversion chart:

If you are trying to buy someone a ring as a surprise but don’t know his/her ring size, you may try “stealing” one of her existing rings and have it measured at a local jeweler to get an measurement.

If all above fails, you may consider to order a US size 7 which is the most common size for an adult woman. You may have to resize it later if the ring does not fit him/her perfectly, in that case, please refer to our resizing policy.

How long will the process take? Can you rush my order?

For made-to-order rings, the average production time is around 4 to 7 weeks. We do our best to have your ring ready as soon as possible. If there is a specific date that you need your ring to be ready, please contact us before you place the order. We want to ensure your ring is as perfect as it should be, so we would truly appreciate if you can give us enough time to make it just perfect!

Can you make a ring that is larger than US size 9?

Yes. Simply add this “Sizing Upgrade Service” to your cart and pay together with the ring:


Can you make engravings for my ring?

Yes, we offer free engraving for maximum 14 characters.

How do I clean and take care of my jewelry?

Remove your jewelry before hand washing, showering, gardening or doing outside work, using cleaning chemicals, applying makeup and lotions, swimming, and exercising. Exposure to any harsh chemicals or heavy pressure will put your jewelry at risk.

You can normally clean your jewelry at home with water, gentle soap, and a soft toothbrush. (exception: Ethiopian opal gems)

Your jewelry contains one or several Ethiopian Opal gemstones
Ethiopian Opal is a delicate stone that requires the wearer to take care of it properly. They are considered hydrophane opals and have the ability to adsorb water or liquids. A contact with water, chemicals, oil or heat may result in a discoloration or a permenant damage. Please do not wear your opal jewelry while cooking, washing hands, taking showers, swimming or any physical activities that will put the stone at a risk of damaging. After every wear, the best cleaning method for Ethiopian opal jewelry is to use a clean, soft, dry microfiber cloth to gently remove dirt, residue, and oils.

Australian Opal gemstones
Australian Opal can be cleaned by soap water and a soft brush. Just avoid ultrasonic cleaners and chemical cleaners.


How do I find out the status of my order?

The production begins within 12 hours after we receive your payment and your order will be shipped within 3-5 weeks.

You will receive a shipping notification that includes the tracking number once your order is sent out.

Can you make something custom with jewels/an heirloom ring I have?

Due to the insurance policy, we are not allowed to receive jewelry or stones from customers. Please DO NOT send us any jewelry or stones. Our custom orders can only be made with our materials.

What is the difference between 14K and 18K gold?

18K = 75% pure gold (25% other metals)

14K = 57.5% pure gold (42.5% other metals)

Tips: If you are sensitive to nickel, the safest option is to order a platinum ring which has 95% platinum and 5 % other metal.

What happens if my jewelry get damaged? Is it possible to repair it?

We try hard to create the best quality jewelry and they are supposed to last for generations. Taking care of your jewelry is necessary if you want to keep the lifespan and longevity of the “new” quality in your purchased jewelry.

If your jewerly gets damaged accidentally, you are welcome to contact us via email. Don’t panic, most of the time, the ring can be repaired.

There will be a small and reasonable fee (normally between 700 SEK to 1300SEK for issues that are unrelated to the center gemstone) for reparing or cleaning your jewelry. The cost for shipping is your own responsibility, both to us and back again.

If the main stone is damaged permanently
In most of the cases, we are able to help you source a new stone and re-set it.  However, the cost of replacing a new stone will cost about 25%-35% of the original price. Please refer to our care instructions to avoid any potential risks of damaging your jewelry.

I ordered a wrong size, can I change it?

We can’t “change” anything once the production begins. However it is possible to resize your ring at a cost before sending it out. In this case please contact us by email to get further assistance.

Do you accept payment plans?


However 100% upfront payment is always recommended for all purchases as setting up layaway plans creates hassles for both parties and requires a great coordination between both sides. Before contacting us for a payment plan, please consider whether you are able to put the the full amount on your credit card and pay off later at your own pace.

To set up a payment plan:
We require at least 60% payment before making any item. Production will only begin after 60% of total payment is received, and the rest of the 40% will be due before shipment of your order.

If you are interested in a payment plan, please let us know the information below:

1. link of the item you are interested
2. your interested gold type (14, 18k or platinum; rose, white, or yellow gold color)
3. your ring size
4. when you would like to make the first down payment

All items will begin production after 60% of the total payment is made and ship after 100% payment is received. No item will be shipped before full amount is paid.

The buyer needs to complete the payment plan within a maximum of 4 months from the day we receive the upfront 60% payment.

Please note, if an order is canceled at any point before shipment,  a restocking fee of 40% (of the item’s total price) will be subtracted from your refund .

Do you have a store or a showroom that I can visit?

We do not currently have a physical location. As our team and business grows, we are hoping to open a physical showroom in Gothenburg or Stockholm, hopefully soon!

Are you selling your jewelry on any other platform?

We are currently selling our jewelry pieces on this offical website and on a marketplace called “Etsy”.

Find our shop on Etsy: